Addison's First Birthday

We celebrated Addison's first birthday this last Saturday. Thank you to all the family and friends that blessed her with so many wonderful things. She had an amazing time and is loving all the new things to play with.

I cannot believe that my baby is one already. This last year has gone by so quickly, but we are so thankful for her. Over this last year we have seen her grow so much and she is quickly growing into a such a beautiful young toddler.

She is now walking and getting into everything. She is a lot more busy, but she is able to sit and focus on more things at a time. We now really enjoy reading books and being read to. She loves playing with other kids and we have been lucky to have two other kids coming over during the week.

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hschween said...

CUTE pictures Amanda! I can't BELIEVE she's already 1, that is crazy! Everyone always says they grow up so fast, but I don't think you really know how fast until you're experiencing it :) She's beautiful and looks like a total joy.