9 Month Stats

I cannot believe that Addie is 9 months old already it seems like time is flying by. She is crawling all over the place, pulling herself up on everything, into everything, loves the water (especially her pool in the backyard) and she is babbling about everything and anything. 

We had her 9 month check up today and our little muffin is growing great. She is in the 50% for her height and her head and in the 40% for her weight. We topped out at 18lbs 1 ounce and 27 1/2 inches tall...

She enjoys anything outside and loves her new portable playpen that we got. It is nice, because we can set it up and she is free to roam anywhere within in...great for the camping trip we took last weekend...

We are excited to see what adventures we have next and we love every stage even more and more! 

Photo Editing

I know that a bunch of people have had this for a long time, but I just discovered Picnik...I am hooked! It is amazing! I have included a few that I did yesterday. I am excited to discover all its capabilities. 


A Mid-Week Update

So we have had a busy last couple of weeks...let's start out with the weekend before the 4th...

We took Addie on her first camping experience, yep that's right we stayed in a tent with our little muffin! She did awesome...she woke up with the sun, but promptly went back to sleep once she was snuggled tight in my sleeping bag! 

Then for the 4th we headed south to the lake where Chris' family has a trailer, once again 
she did amazing, despite the loud, late night fireworks and bonfires! 

She has also had some big milestones during her 8th month (I cannot believe that she is almost 9 months). She has started crawling, at first she was a little unsure of this new mode of transportation, but once she determined that she could get places so much faster than rolling to them, she is now quite quick! She is also eating tons of food, we started meat this month and she loves it. She is quite the eater and enjoys nibbles of what I am having now as well! She has also discovered that she can feed herself. We give her half of a cheerio and she puts it right in her mouth! Those two teeth work pretty well! 

Hope you all are having a great July and hopefully Summer will be back this weekend!