Baby Update

Well most of you know by now that we are expecting our first baby, I have been really bad at this blog thing, so Chris may have to take over. I have posted pictures of my pregnancy from beginning to the almost end. I threw in some of Addison's nursery as well. I am going to attempt to be a better blogger, my friends with blogs are an inspiration! Blessings~

20 Weeks

26 Weeks

34 Weeks

37 Weeks



Jaime and Travis' Wedding

This past weekend one of my best friends got married. I was blessed to be part of all the festivities...We had so much fun the day of, as it was probably the most relaxed pre-wedding I have ever been to. I will post more pictures later. Congrats Travis and Jaime!

The first of many to come

Well, we have had this blog since June of 2007 and I have yet to post something on here. Since I don't want to go a year without posting, I thought I better update ASAP. We'll start with 2008, which has been a great year...we have been traveling quite a bit for skiing, weddings and took a golf outing to Palm Springs. The Lord has blessed us with great family and friends. I will try to keep this updated more often as I have time! We hope to have a spring joint birthday party...so we'll keep you informed.