What's new in our neck of the woods

We have been up to quite a bit since the last post. We have just started on Rice Cereal, boy has this been fun. She loves it, it took her a couple times to get the hang of it, but now we hardly have any coming out of the mouth and she takes down all of it...by all of it, I mean a whole 2 T at a time...

Addie was vocal before, but has now taken on a whole new tone...screeching! Not just a nice screech, but a shrill ear piercing screech. IT is crazy that such a little thing can make such a shrill noise!

She is also moving into new clothes which is fun! I hate packing up the other ones, but it is fun to be able to wear new ones. I can't believe that next week she'll be 5 months old, it is crazy how fast it goes by...I love every stage and try to soak them up as much as I can!

This weekend it will just be Addie and I as Daddy heads to Whistler for his annual snowmobile trip. We are not looking forward to having him gone for 4 days...yikes...what will I do? I have lots of stuff planned for Addie and I including a girls trip to get our nails done (not her's, but hopefully I'll be able to get mine done uninterrupted!)

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