Just some updated photos...3 months old

Addie is getting bigger everyday. It is crazy, I spend everyday with her, but I still am so surprised by all the changes that she goes through. Yesterday she started rolling a lot...she rolls from her back to her side and can almost get over, however when she is on her stomach she rolls right to her back. She thinks it is a game, because when I help her go back, she laughs and just goes right back to her back. It is so cute!

It is so fun to see all her changes and I am loving this stage!

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Lynne Paulus said...

Love the photo in the Bumbo with the dog, that is so cute! I completely know the amazment you are talking about with how you are with a baby 24/7 sometimes and yet you can still see daily changes! They grow and learn so rapidly, it truly is incredible! What a gorgeous little girl you have.