The Year of Firsts

Well Friends and Family - I promise to be better on this thing, if not for all of you, but so that Addie will have something to look back on and read.

Let's go backwards a bit...

Oct.10th - Addison's due date...come and gone!
Oct. 17th - Scheduled induction, finally got into the hospital at 8pm Friday night
Oct. 18th - A very very long day of waiting for anything to happen
Time line for the day:
8:00am - Wake up get more pitocin
9:00am - First doctor tries to break my water
10:00am - Second doctor actually achieves success and breaks my water
12:00pm - Walk around maternity floor - hear all sorts of babies being born...nothing yet
1:00pm - Still nothing - up pitocin level
3:00pm - Getting discouraged, napped, watched a lot of TV and got more pitocin
5:00pm - Doctor thinks that I should get an epidural and see if that will relax my body, stop receiving pitocin.
7:00pm - Get epidural, take a nap...still nothing
9:00pm - Started going backwards, talk to doctor about options, decide a C-section is in order
9:05pm - Call our parents
9:45pm - Baby Addison is welcomed into this world

She weighed in at 7lbs 6 ounces and was 19.5 inches long

October 21st - We finally went home from the hospital. Let me tell you though, it was the greatest to be there so long, because we got so much help.

November 26th -Welcomed Finn to the family.

November 27th - First Thanksgiving - It was a wonderful time spent with Chris' family.

December 25th - First Christmas

And then we are to January...hopefully I will keep up with this more...

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